CreaTec offers a great variety of evaporators. The following types of effusion cells are available:

All evaporators are manufactured under clean room conditions (class 10–100). Selected materials are used for the evaporators ensuring high reliability for a long term operation. Besides standard evaporators, CreaTec is well known for customised solutions for all kind of physical vapour deposition (PVD) applications.

Evaporators made from Molybdenum

For special applications where tantalum is not feasible CreaTec offers evaporators completely made from molybdenum. Those evaporators are mainly used within processes where critical chemical species are involved.

The following evaporators are available as molybdenum version:

  • Single Filament Cell (SFC-Mo)
  • Low Temperature Cell (LTC-Mo)
  • Cold Lip Cell (CLC-Mo)
  • Dual Filament Cell (DFC-Mo)
  • Atomic Hydrogen Source (HCL-Mo)
  • Cracker Cell (CRC-Mo)
  • Linear Effusion Cell (L-EC)

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