Since 2000, the low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope (LT-STM) became an essential part of CreaTec product range. In addition to its nanoanalytical capabilities, it allows the precise manipulation of atoms and molecules at temperatures from 4 to 300 K.

Starting with our proven beetle-type STM with highest spectroscopy performance, we have continuously developed this instrument to three different scanning probe systems: a 4K LT-STM, a combined 4K LT-STM/AFM, and a 1 K LT-STM system. The 4 K microscopes are available as beetle-type scanner and PAN-type slider, with different options like e.g. magnetic field, optical access and high-frequency cabling.

All these microscopes offer ultimate STM, STS, and IETS performance including one of the longest LHe hold times, extremely low drift rates, and outstanding stability (dz<1 pm) compared to similar low-temperature SPM systems. State-of-the-art spectroscopy and atom manipulation can be performed on metals, semiconductors, insulators, superconductors, and carbon at low temperatures. The 4K LT-STM/AFM is also well adapted for experiments at variable temperatures ranging from 5 to 300 K.

Our fully compatible low-temperature atomic force microscope (AFM) was introduced in 2007 allowing for simultaneous measurements of force and tunneling current without cross-talk using constant frequency or constant height control.

Key specifications of the CreaTec LT-STM/AFM

    • Combined MBE growth and LT-STM/AFM analysis
    • Compact multi-chamber design
    • Optimized for highest quality surface preparation and fast, reliable transfer
    • Optimized for highest resolution LT-STM and AFM state-of-the-art measurements without cross-talk
    • Base temperature LT-STM/AFM <5 K
    • Lowest lN2 and lHe consumption
    • Optimized for long-term low-temperature spectroscopy and atom manipulation
    • Lowest drift, highest stability
    • Different options:
      • Magnetic field in different directions
      • Optical Access allowing for laser excitation and photoluminescence experiments
      • High-Frequency cabling
    • Powerful software package included:
      • Large number of high resolution A/D and D/A channels (10)
      • Ascii software output
      • Internal Lock-In amplifier included as standard
      • Special spectra on grid module included as standard
    • Best cost-performance ratio
    • Ultra short support times

Available Downloads:

Data Sheet - LT-STM/AFM