Mini MBE System

The MiniMBE System is specially designed for epitaxial growth on small sample sizes in combination with a reduced size of the system. The system consist of the growth chamber for growing layers by MBE and a load-lock chamber. The growth chamber contains effusion cells, manipulator, cooling units, transfer to the load-lock chamber, pumping equipment and other necessary instruments.


  • Optimized pumping configuration
  • Face-down zero force substrate transfer
  • Linear shutters and substrate rotation, specified for millions of cycles
  • Substrate heater option available
  • Up to 11 effusion cells with 3 cm3 capacity
  • CF 63 central multifunctional port, e.g. for standard sources
  • Main shutter
  • Flux gauge / QCM
  • Automated batch processing


  • Space
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Source materials
  • Electricity

Available Downloads:

Flyer - Mini MBE

Data Sheet - Mini MBE System