Decomposition Effusion Cell (DECO-P)

The Decomposition Effusion Cell is designed to generate ultra-pure Phosphorous (P2) by decomposition of Gallium phosphide (GaP | purity > 6 N). The use is similar to a standard effusion cell, where the source material is loaded into the crucible and evaporated by heating the crucible via radiation heating stage.

Because of the incongruent evaporation of GaP, the P2 is generated by a lower temperaturecompared to Ga. Therefore, the Ga remains stable inside the crucible, while the P2 comes out of the effusion cell at the orifice. To avoid the Ga atoms to flow out of the cell with the P2 beam out, there is a Ga trapping cap at the orifice. This ensures that no Ga atoms can leave the effusion cell.
The ratio P2: Ga in the P2molecular beam is approx. 1:10-5, by using the Ga trapping cap.

An extra valve above the Ga trapping cap is available to lower the beam intensity. This valve allows shutting ON and OF the P2 beam in a very short time in a ratio approx. 1:10. This version of a P2 source is an affordable and easily operated alternative to valved phosphorus sources.

Available versions:

  • Valved Decomposition Effusion Cell (V-DECO-P)
  • Multiple cells

More technical specification can be found in the data sheet below

Available Downloads:

Data Sheet - DECO-P

Individual Effusion Cell Request