Mini MBE System

Specifications MiniMBE System

The MiniMBE System is specially designed for epitaxial growth on small sample sizes in combination with a reduced size of the system. The system consists of the growth chamber for growing layers by MBE, a load-lock chamber and an optional buffer chamber. The growth chamber contains effusion cells, manipulator, cooling units, transfer to the load-lock chamber, pumping equipment and other necessary instruments.

  • Optimized pumping configuration
  • Face-down zero force substrate transfer
  • Linear shutters and substrate rotation, specified for millions of cycles
  • Substrate heater option available
  • Up to 11 effusion cells
  • CF 63 central multifunctional port (e.g., standard sources)
  • Main shutter
  • Flux gauge / QCM
  • Automated batch processing

Specifications MiniMBE System + LT-STM/AFM

The MiniMBE System with LT-STM/AFM is specially designed for epitaxial growth of thin layers or multilayers and in-situ investigations with LT-STM/AFM. The combination of two major parts of CreaTec‘s product range gives us the opportunity to create a flexible device. The MiniMBE with LT-STM/AFM can easily be adapted to special requirements.

  • Combined epitaxial growth with in-situ LT-STM/AFM
  • High quality surface preparation and fast reliable transfer
  • Optimized for high resolutions LT-STM and AFM state-of-the art measurements
  • Base temperature LT-STM/AFM below 5 K
  • Low LN2 and LHe consumption
  • Long-term low-temperature spectroscopy and atom manipulation
  • Fully equipped MBE system
  • Powerful software package

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