Linear Transfer System


There is more and more demand on the market to in-situ combine various UHV deposition techniques and analysis methods. In order to manage this there are two basic transfer concepts possible - the radial symmetric handler and the linear transfer system. In the following we are focussing on the linear one. The Linear Transfer is a system to combine several UHV and chambers in order to create a flexible and extensible instrumentation for in-situ preparations, analysis, storage and growth of layers without removing the wafers from the UHV during different processing steps.
  • Linear transfer chamber and load-lock chamber
  • Combination of different kinds of in-situ analysis, growth and preparation methods
  • Linearly extensible in all directions
  • Fully UHV compatible down to 10-11 bar
  • Adjustment from the airside
  • Mechanically or magnetically activated transfer mechanism
  • Customized design for existing systems

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