The RHEED software SAFIRE is a powerful and easy to use RHEED evaluation tool. It combines sophisticated evaluation algorithms with extensive opportunities for data representation and documentation. SAFIRE can handle an arbitrary number of parallel measurements and offers fast real-time data exchange with MBE controller for closed feedback loop operation. Multiple measurements can be stored in the same display for comparison. The temporal resolution in all measurement modes is 20 ms, Kikuchi line analysis, azimuthal scans, integration with 16 bit resolution and on-chip-integration keep you at the forefront of RHEED research.

  • Turn-key system installed on PC
  • Turn-key system installed on rack-mount server
  • Different camera lens according to customer specification
  • Phase locking with substrate rotation
  • Complete with camera holder and camera
  • SAFIRE entry without camera if you already have a camera or want to buy your own

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