RHEED Screen Set


CreaTec offers a wide range of RHEED screens with different diameters, different coatings (Al, ITO) and different mounting frames.The RHEED Screen Set is an additional equipment for a complete RHEED analysis. It consists of a viewport shutter, a viewport with RHEED screen, a camera holder and a digital camera.

Camera Holder

The Camera Holder offers the possibility to mount a camera in front of the RHEED screen. The compact design, such as 4 degrees of freedom and light tight bellow enable a comfortable recording of RHEED pattern.

Viewport with RHEED Screen

The viewport with RHEED Screen allows the UHV compatible display of RHEED pattern. The mounting ring which keeps the sreen can be mounted to the window without the usage of screws.

Viewport Shutter

The viewport shutter enables the protection of the RHEED Screen against condensation of evaporated materials.

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