Sample Holders

Specifications Sample Holders (Flag Style) | LT-STM/AFM

CreaTec sample holders for LT-STM/SAFM Systems are offered in multiple designs. Each type presents different specifications for exclusive systems. The sample holders are available as complete sets as well as single parts. In addition, it is also possible to require special materials.

  • Upgradeable with 5 contact-bar


Specifications Sample Holder (AFIF) | Growth System

CreaTec's AFIF substrate holders are designed to mount whole wafers or wafer pieces of different size without using indium (non-bonded).

  • The design allows quick and easy sample exchange
  • Investigations of the wafer surface by RHEED are possible without shadowing due to wafer clamping
  • Particle creation during wafer exchange is minimized
  • The AFIF substrate holder can be used many times without removing the covering of the condensated material
  • All kind of wafers and shaped wafers can be mounted
  • The AFIF substrate holders are compatible with all common MBE systems (RIBER, VG, EPI and others)



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