HV Amplifier (STM/AFM)


Not yet available


On the CreaTec High Voltage Amplifier, the three piezo voltages (x, y, z) are amplified by a selectable factor of 1, 3, 10 or 30 to the dual voltage bipolar output. An offset voltage or a modulation voltage may be added to any channel by a potentiometer and via separate inputs. The maximum output voltage is ±200 V. An interface to the DSP board allows reading the gain settings into the STM program to set the appropriate scaling in the images.

Any I/V-converter with the desired specifications can be used with the STM program, but it should be externally gain switchable to exploit the manipulation techniques implemented in the software. We supply the Femto DLPCA-200 (gain: 103–1011 V/A, bandwidth: 500k–1200 Hz).

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